" Leaders should lead as far as they can and then vanish. Their ashes should not choke the fire they have lit. "
H.G. Wells

Back in the day


D-Day: The Allies Land on Normandy Beaches

The Battle of Normandy during World War II was fought between the German forces occupying Western Europe and the invading Allied armies. More than 156,000 troops crossed the English Channel during the initial invasion, which remains the largest amphibious landing in history. The campaign continued for more than two months and concluded with the liberation of Paris. Of the Allies' five landing points, Omaha Beach proved to be the most disastrous. How many troops were killed there that day?




Imagism was a movement in early 20th-century Anglo-American poetry that rejected the sentiment and artifice typical of Romantic and Victorian poetry and instead favored precision of imagery and clear, sharp language. The Imagists were influenced by classicism, by Chinese and Japanese poetry, and by the French Symbolists. Despite the movement's short life, it deeply influenced the course of modernist poetry in English. Who were some prominent Imagist poets?

Born on a day like today



Sukarno helped Indonesia win independence from the Netherlands and served as the country's first president. He attempted to consolidate his multi-island nation and establish a "guided democracy," with a cabinet representing all political parties. Regional and factional problems, however, led him to dissolve the assembly and assume full dictatorial powers. He proclaimed himself president for life in 1963, but an attempted Communist coup late in 1965 triggered a military takeover by whom?

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