" I am speaking now of the highest duty we owe our friends, the noblest, the most sacred—that of keeping their own nobleness, goodness, pure and incorrupt. "
Harriet Beecher Stowe

Back in the day


Brandeis Sworn in as Justice of US Supreme Court

Brandeis was an American lawyer and the author of the Brandeis Brief, a report that detailed the impact of long working hours on women and revolutionized the practice of law. He was also a leader of the American Zionist movement. Appointed to the Supreme Court by Woodrow Wilson in 1916, he served until 1939 and was the first Jew to hold that office. Brandeis University, a liberal arts university located in Waltham, Massachusetts, is named after him. What other institutions bear his name?



Sir Thomas Phillipps and His Multitude of Books

An English antiquary and book collector, Phillipps amassed the largest collection of manuscript material in the 19th century. He suffered from severe bibliomania—an obsessive-compulsive disorder involving the collecting or hoarding of books—and spent much of his inherited fortune expanding his holdings, which ultimately contained some 100,000 books and manuscripts and was arguably the largest collection amassed by a single individual. How long did it take to disperse the works after his death?

Born on a day like today


Pat Garrett

Garrett was a lawman, bartender, and customs agent who was appointed sheriff of Lincoln County, New Mexico, in 1880. As sheriff, he was charged with tracking down and arresting Henry McCarty, a jail escapee and participant in the Lincoln County War who was better known as Billy the Kid. How did Garrett ultimately succeed in killing "the Kid," and why did this act eventually sully his reputation?

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