" We must reform society before we can reform ourselves. "
George Bernard Shaw

Back in the day


Jawaharlal Nehru Dies in Office

Nehru was one of the most important leaders of the Indian independence movement and the Indian National Congress (INC). He became India's first prime minister when the country won its independence and served from 1947 until his death, developing many of the policies that have guided India's development. Nehru's daughter, Indira Gandhi, and grandson, Rajiv, went on to lead the Congress and serve as prime ministers. Why did Nehru wear a fresh rose in his coat from 1938 until the end of his life?



The Nika Riots

Nearly half of Constantinople was destroyed and some 30,000 people were killed in the Nika riots of 532 CE. Chariot racing was quite popular at the time, and rivalries between the fans of competing teams often became mingled with political or religious disputes, sometimes leading to riots. The Nika riots began when spectators at a chariot racing event, angered by the emperor's refusal to pardon two rioters accused of murder, started attacking his palace. How was the rebellion finally suppressed?

Born on a day like today


Rachel Carson

Carson was an American writer and marine biologist. Her Silent Spring, a provocative study of the dangers of certain insecticides, is generally acknowledged as the impetus for the modern environmental movement. In other well-known books on sea life, such as Under the Sea Wind, she combines keen scientific observation with rich poetic description. What did Carson's marital status lead former Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson to conclude about her political leanings?

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