" If thou hast never been a fool, be sure thou wilt never be a wise man. "
William Makepeace Thackeray

Back in the day


Harry Truman Becomes 33rd President of the US

Following the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, the vice president and second in command, succeeded to the presidency. Truman's presidency saw a number of major events in world affairs: the Allied victory in Europe, the atomic bombings in Japan, the end of WWII, the founding of the UN, the Truman Doctrine to contain Communism, the beginning of the Cold War, the creation of NATO, and the Korean War. What oft-quoted phrases did Truman popularize?




Leprechauns are mythological male fairies of Irish folklore. They are often described as small, mischievous cobblers who hide crocks of gold in secret locations. According to legend, leprechauns can be captured and compelled to reveal the location of their treasure, but their captors must never look away because doing so allows the elusive creatures to escape. Why do some Irish people consider the modern, popularized image of leprechauns offensive?

Born on a day like today


Henry Clay

Henry Clay, known as the "Great Compromiser," was an American statesman and orator who served in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. His multiple bids for the presidency all failed, but he was nevertheless extremely influential in US politics. He orchestrated the Missouri Compromise between free and slave states, and he attempted to strengthen the nation's economy through his American System. What is written on his headstone?

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