" It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not deserve them. "
Mark Twain

Back in the day


Jomo Kenyatta Sentenced to Seven Years Hard Labor

Kenyatta was an African political leader and the first president of an independent Kenya. His activities were an integral part of the movement to liberate Kenya from British colonial rule. In 1953, British leaders sentenced Kenyatta to seven years of imprisonment for his suspected ties to the Mau Mau guerilla organization. Released in 1959, he participated in negotiations with the British to write a new constitution for Kenya, which became independent in 1963. What was the "Kiambu Mafia"?



The Srebrenica Massacre

The largest mass murder in Europe since WWII, the Srebrenica Massacre was carried out by the Army of Republika Srpska under the command of General Ratko Mladic during the Bosnian War. Ruled a genocide by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, the 1995 massacre claimed the lives of an estimated 8,000 Bosnian Muslims, or Bosniaks, in the Srebrenica region of Bosnia and Herzegovina. How many UN peacekeeping troops were stationed in the area at the time of the massacre?

Born on a day like today


Betty Ford

Betty Ford, born Elizabeth Ann Bloomer, was a dancer and fashion model. In 1948, she married Gerald Ford, who would later become the 38th president of the US. An unusually candid first lady, she spoke openly about drugs, premarital sex, abortion, and women's rights. In 1978, she sought treatment for alcoholism and addiction to analgesic drugs and later established the Betty Ford Center for the treatment of chemical dependency. What prompted critics to call for the first lady's "resignation"?

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