" I am in the habit of looking not so much to the nature of a gift as to the spirit in which it is offered. "
Robert Louis Stevenson

Back in the day


Batista Leads a Successful Coup in Cuba

In 1933, Army sergeant Fulgencio Batista and other coup leaders ousted the Cuban Céspedes government and installed Ramón Grau as president. Just months later, however, Batista forced Grau's resignation and became Cuba's de facto ruler. After a brief period of exile beginning in 1944, Batista returned to Cuba and once again led a coup to seize power. His second term as president was marked by brutal repression, which led to several uprisings, including one led by whom?



Royal Bengal Tiger

The Royal Bengal tiger is one of the largest and the most common tiger subspecies. The national animal of Bangladesh, the Bengal tiger is strictly protected and significant populations can now be found in both Bangladesh and India. Despite their large size, Bengal tigers can climb trees and are strong swimmers, often ambushing prey that is drinking, swimming, or that has merely retreated into the water during a chase. How much meat can a Bengal tiger consume at one time?

Born on a day like today


Alexander III of Russia

Alexander III was tsar of Russia from 1881 until his death in 1894. As ruler, he sought to counteract what he considered the excessive liberalism of his father's reign and pursued a reactionary policy that promoted Russification and the persecution of religious minorities. Still, economic policy during Alexander's rule enabled rapid industrial development and allowed Russia to begin building the Trans-Siberian Railroad. To which of Alexander's relatives was his wife, Dagmar, originally engaged?

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