" It is terrible to speak well and be wrong. "

Back in the day


Beaumont Siblings Disappear without a Trace

The Beaumont children's disappearance from a popular Australian beach launched what would become the largest police investigation in Australian criminal history. On a hot summer day in 1966, nine-year-old Jane Beaumont took her two younger siblings to a nearby beach, but they never returned home. Police investigations revealed that the children had been seen with a strange man and later walking alone, but the case was never solved. In what way did their disappearance change Australian society?



Vote Pairing

Also called vote swapping, vote pairing is an election system that allows people to vote tactically. A person who engages in this sort of vote trading agrees to vote for a less-preferred candidate who has a greater chance of winning in his district, and in exchange, a voter from another district agrees to vote for the candidate the first voter prefers. Though the practice is fairly informal, it can sometimes be quite sophisticated and involve websites that pair up voters. Is the practice legal?

Born on a day like today


Douglas MacArthur

MacArthur is a major figure in US military and diplomatic history. He played a vital role in the Pacific theater of World War II and commanded UN forces during the Korean War. After Japan's surrender in 1945, MacArthur worked to rebuild the devastated nation, drafting a new Japanese constitution and helping to establish a democratic government. Many viewed MacArthur as a hero, but he was suddenly relieved of his duty by President Truman at the height of the Korean War for what reason?

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