" Some people bear three kinds of trouble—the ones they've had, the ones they have, and the ones they expect to have. "
H.G. Wells

Back in the day


Ivan the Terrible Is Tsar of Russia

Ivan IV was the first ruler of Russia to assume the title "tsar." The early part of his reign saw modernization and peaceful reforms, but after a near-fatal illness and the death of his wife in 1560, his mental state rapidly deteriorated. His later reign was marked by extreme violence in both his personal and political life and bad decisions that led to war and famine in Russia. Why did Ivan murder his son—and only viable heir—in 1581?




Microcredit is the extension of small loans—which are not secured by collateral and often require repayment in weekly installments—to poor individuals for use in income-generating activities that will improve the borrowers' living standards. The concept of microcredit was developed in 1976 by Muhammad Yunus, a Bangladeshi economist, as a means of alleviating poverty and improving the lives of Bangladesh's poorest inhabitants. What group comprises the majority of microcredit borrowers?

Born on a day like today



Aaliyah was a popular American R&B singer, dancer, and actress. Her 1996 album, One in a Million, catapulted her to international stardom with hits like "If Your Girl Only Knew." The album also fueled the careers of Missy Elliott and Timbaland, who wrote and produced it. Aaliyah died tragically at age 22 when her plane crashed shortly after taking off from the Bahamas. Which R&B star did Aaliyah secretly marry when she was 15?

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