" Good and bad men are each less so than they seem. "
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Back in the day


First Mickey Mouse Comic Strip Released

Mickey Mouse's first incarnation of sorts was as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, created by Walt Disney for Universal Studios. After Universal threatened to cut Disney's budget, Disney reorganized his studio and created Mickey to keep his company afloat. Mickey was rather mischievous in early cartoons but later evolved into a well-meaning everyman. Today, he is one of the most recognized symbols of American culture. What group used a Mickey Mouse lookalike to teach Islamic radicalism to children?



Jug Bands

Jug bands are musical groups that use a mix of traditional and improvised instruments—usually ordinary objects modified for making music, such as the jug, washtub bass, washboard, spoons, stovepipe, and kazoo. Early jug bands were typically made up of African-American vaudeville and medicine show musicians. Emerging in the urban South, the bands played a mixture of Memphis blues—before it was formally called the blues—ragtime, and Appalachian music. How does one play the jug?

Born on a day like today


Wilhelm Wien

German physicist Wilhelm Wien was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1911 for his work on heat radiation. In 1893, he used theories about heat and electromagnetism to compose Wien's Displacement Law, which relates the maximum emission of a black body to its temperature. Max von Laue, a physicist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics three years after Wien, praised Wien for having "led us to the very gates of quantum physics." A crater on what planet is named in his honor?

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