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Back in the day


The "Christmas Truce" of World War I

The "Christmas truce" of 1914, which took place between British and German troops stationed on the Western Front of WWI, left a lasting legacy of mutual respect, kindness, and honor. The unofficial cease-fire began after British troops responded to German caroling with Christmas songs of their own. Before long, the enemy soldiers were socializing, exchanging gifts, and even attending funerals together. How did officials opposed to the truce ensure that such a cease-fire would not happen again?



Harold "Kim" Philby

Philby was a high-ranking member of British intelligence who is believed to have provided the USSR with classified information that caused the deaths of scores of American and British agents. Always in danger of having his cover blown by Soviet defectors, Philby himself defected to the USSR in 1963, after he was exposed as a member of the Cambridge Five spy ring. What famous novelist and friend of the double agent reportedly left MI6 rather than become involved in exposing Philby?

Born on a day like today


Jesus Christ

Most scholars agree that Jesus of Nazareth was a historical figure, a preacher and healer who was crucified by order of the Romans in Jerusalem. He is the central figure in Christianity and an important prophet in Islam. Christmas, December 25th by the Gregorian Calendar, is celebrated as his birthday, although there is no evidence that this was his actual date of birth. In Eastern Christianity, Jesus' birth is generally celebrated on what date?

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