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Back in the day


Battle of the River Plate

The Battle of the River Plate, the first major naval battle of World War II, involved the Admiral Graf Spee, a German pocket battleship. Its crew had been under orders to sink British merchant ships, a practice known as commerce raiding, but avoid combat with enemy forces. During the Royal Navy's attack on the ship, the German vessel suffered some superficial damage and set a course for Montevideo. Believing his forces to be outnumbered, the German captain then made what decision?



Jim Ignatowski

Ranked 32nd on TV Guide's list of the "50 Greatest TV Characters of All Time," Jim Ignatowski was a character played by Christopher Lloyd in the 1970s television series Taxi. A burned-out product of 1960s counterculture, Ignatowski lived in a world of his own, often exhibiting "spaced-out" behavior as a result of his extensive drug use. However, Lloyd was able to add much humanity to what could have been a one-dimensional role. What did Ignatowski do when he inherited $3 million?

Born on a day like today


Mary Todd Lincoln

Mary Todd Lincoln was a tragic figure of the American Civil War period. As First Lady, she was criticized for her use of taxpayers' money in refurbishing the White House and was even accused of being a Confederate spy. She struggled with depression after her husband's assassination and the deaths of three of her children, and she was committed to an insane asylum for three months in 1875. Where did she spend the four years following her release?

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