" Whoever aims publicly at great things and at length perceives secretly that he is too weak to achieve them, has usually also insufficient strength to renounce his aims publicly, and then inevitably becomes a hypocrite. "
Friedrich Nietzsche

Back in the day


Battle of Montgisard

At the Battle of Montgisard, the Kingdom of Jerusalem, established by the First Crusade and led by Baldwin IV, defeated the renowned Kurdish military general Saladin. Learning of Saladin's plans to invade from Egypt, Baldwin's forces surprised his army en route and were triumphant despite inferior numbers. The kingdom enjoyed a year of peace before Saladin renewed his attacks, prompting another decade of warfare. What powerful Christian military order participated in the fighting?



Abbas the Great

Shah Abbas I ascended the Persian throne in the late 16th century, after participating in the coup that deposed his father. Persian artistic achievement flourished during Abbas's reign. The empire's new capital, Isfahan, was transformed into one of the world's most beautiful cities and quickly became one of the most important cultural centers in the Islamic world. Abbas's rule was tarnished, however, by his cruelty to his family. What biblical story might have prompted him to kill his son?

Born on a day like today


Andrew Carnegie

Famed philanthropist and self-made man Andrew Carnegie was a Scottish-American industrialist and businessman. He amassed a huge fortune in iron and steel during the American Industrial Revolution and later sold his firm to J.P. Morgan's U.S. Steel Corporation. He donated over $350 million—the equivalent of more than $4 billion today—to various charitable organizations before his death. At the height of his career, he was the second richest person in the world, after whom?

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