" Let us not be too particular; it is better to have old secondhand diamonds than none at all. "
Mark Twain

Back in the day


Dell, Inc. Founded as "PC's Limited"

Using just $1,000, college student Michael Dell founded computer company PC's Limited in 1984. He eventually dropped out of school to focus on his fledgling business full-time, a gamble that paid off when his company grossed more than $73 million in its first year. By marketing custom-assembled machines for sale directly to consumers, the company, now called Dell, Inc., became the largest seller of personal computers in the US in 1999 and is now second only to what company?



Mud Volcanoes

Mud volcanoes are formations created by the geological emission of liquids and gases. They are frequently associated with earthquake zones, and when they erupt, they release an often acidic slurry as well as methane and other hydrocarbon gases. Some mud volcanoes also spew flames when they erupt, though the volcanoes themselves tend to be relatively cool. A 2006 drilling accident in Indonesia created a mud volcano that inundated a number of villages and displaced how many people?

Born on a day like today


Walter Cronkite

"Uncle Walter" served as CBS Evening News anchor from 1962 to 1981, during which time viewer opinion polls found him to be the "most trusted man in America." He reported the newsworthy events of the era so effectively that his image and voice are closely associated with the Cuban missile crisis, the Vietnam War, the Apollo 11 Moon landing, and the Watergate scandal. Cronkite experienced a rare loss of composure during one 1963 broadcast when he was forced to announce what event?

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