" He that is rich is wise. "
Daniel Defoe

Back in the day


Kennedy Confirms Missile Presence in Cuba

The Cuban Missile Crisis was a major Cold War confrontation that began when US reconnaissance aircraft uncovered Soviet missile sites in Cuba. President Kennedy demanded the missiles be removed, but Soviet Premier Khrushchev refused, prompting Kennedy to order a blockade of Cuba. After hovering on the brink of war for several days, the two superpowers were able to negotiate a compromise. From what country did the Soviets demand the withdrawal of American missiles?



Dry Quicksand

Considered a mythic substance until recently, dry quicksand is loose sand that behaves like ordinary quicksand but contains no water and operates in a different manner. Though accounts of whole caravans being swallowed up by the substance have been discounted as folklore, researchers have demonstrated that aerating fine sand reduces its bulk density and creates a dry quicksand that could envelop an entire vehicle. How did fear of dry quicksand affect the planning of the Apollo moon missions?

Born on a day like today


Curly Howard

Jerome Lester Horwitz, a man best known as "Curly Howard" or simply "Curly," was arguably the most popular member of the legendary comedy trio the Three Stooges. He appeared in nearly 100 Three Stooges short subject films before suffering a career-ending stroke. According to brother and fellow Stooge Moe Howard, Curly often struggled with his lines and instead improvised the visual and vocal nonsense that became hallmarks of his character. Who played Curly in a 2000 TV-movie about the Stooges?

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