" A careful observation of Nature will disclose pleasantries of superb irony. She has for instance placed toads close to flowers. "
Honore de Balzac

Back in the day


Massacre in Qibya

In response to escalating border clashes with Palestinian militia, Israeli forces raided the Jordanian West Bank village of Qibya, which was believed to be harboring militants. The attacks led to the deaths of over 60 Palestinian Arabs and the demolition of numerous houses. Israel was condemned by the UN, and historians continue to debate this dark day in Israeli-Arab history. Who was the commander of Unit 101 that, along with a paratroop company, carried out the attack?




Pharming is a type of cyber attack that aims to collect confidential user information by redirecting a website's traffic to a different, bogus website that appears identical to the original site. By hacking into DNS servers—the "phone books" of the internet—and changing IP addresses, high-tech criminals can automatically redirect users to their phony sites. In recent years, pharming has become a major concern for e-commerce and online banking sites. What is being done to prevent it?

Born on a day like today


King James II of England

King James II of England and VII of Scotland was the last Catholic monarch to rule over England, Scotland, and Ireland. His reign, from 1685 to 1688, culminated in the Glorious Revolution, in which Protestants deposed him in favor of Mary II and William of Orange. The belief that James was the legitimate ruler became known as Jacobitism, and Jacobites thereafter attempted to restore the Stuart line to the thrones of England and Scotland. Who protected James after he fled England?

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