" A fool's wild speech confounds the wise. "
Sir Walter Scott

Back in the day


Sihanouk Abdicates Cambodian Throne

Since 1941, Norodom Sihanouk has held countless positions in Cambodia—including king, prince, president, prime minister, and head of state. He saw Cambodia through difficult years during the Vietnam War, the reign of the Khmer Rouge, and the occupation of his nation by Vietnamese forces in the late 1970s. He abdicated his kingship twice, once in favor of his father and once in favor of his son, King Norodom Sihamoni. What is Sihanouk's official Cambodian title, and what is its translation?



Edgar Allan Poe's "Eureka"

Famed poet and writer Edgar Allan Poe considered his 1848 essay "Eureka" to be his career masterpiece. Though described as a "prose poem" by Poe, who wished it to be viewed as art, the work is also a notable scientific and mystical essay unlike any of his other works and includes a cosmological theory that touches on black holes and the big bang theory about 80 years before the 2 subjects gained widespread recognition. Poe claimed "Eureka" was more important than what major scientific discovery?

Born on a day like today


Vladimir Putin

Putin, former president and current prime minister of Russia, has sought to reassert the central government's authority over the various regions and administrative units as well as over elements of the independent media. His aggressive response to the separatist movement in Chechnya earned him much popularity with the Russian public. Russian joint military exercises with what country have led some to claim that Putin wants to establish an anti-NATO bloc?

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