" Sublime is the dominion of the mind over the body, that for a time, can make flesh and nerve impregnable, and string the sinews like steel, so that the weak become so mighty. "
Harriet Beecher Stowe

Back in the day


Planet Neptune is Discovered

Neptune is notable for being the first planet to be discovered by way of mathematical prediction rather than standard observation. Galileo observed Neptune twice in the early 1600s, but he mistook the planet for a fixed star and therefore is not credited with its discovery. Centuries later, small changes in Uranus's orbit led astronomers to seek out and discover the eighth and outermost planet of our solar system. Who predicted Neptune's location in the 1840s within 1° of where it was found?



Islamic Script Calligraphy

Revered as the primary means by which the Qur'an has been preserved, Islamic calligraphy is the art of decorative writing that often employs Arabic script, which consists of a 28-letter alphabet and 18 different forms of writing. These calligraphic scripts are often woven into intricate pictographic calligrams depicting animals, mosques, and various other figures. Which Christian saint's relics are wrapped in a shroud decorated with Islamic calligraphy?

Born on a day like today


Augustus Caesar

Augustus Caesar was the first emperor of Rome. Known as Octavian for the period of his life prior to 27 BCE, he came to power after defeating Mark Antony and Cleopatra. He ended a century of civil wars and gave Rome an era of peace, prosperity, and imperial greatness. Although he preserved the outward form of the Roman Republic, he ruled with extraordinary powers for more than 40 years and filled the Senate with sympathizers who named him "Augustus." What was the significance of this title?

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