" If you want to be happy, be. "
Leo Tolstoy

Back in the day


Democratic People's Republic of Korea Established

During the Soviet occupation of North Korea, a Korean communist named Kim Il Sung was selected to lead the new state. Under Kim's leadership, North Korea established Soviet-style regulation of the economy and fought a war with US-backed South Korea. After his death in 1994, his son, Kim Jong Il, replaced the widely used Gregorian calendar with a calendar whose years begin with the birth of his father. Kim Il Sung is still designated in North Korea's constitution as holding what position?




Found in oceans worldwide, orcas display sophisticated hunting techniques and social behaviors that have been described by experts as manifestations of a shared culture. Like other dolphins, orcas produce a variety of vocalizations used for communication and echolocation. Orca mothers have even been observed training their young in the group's dialect, and it is said that groups that share ancestors are likely to have a similar set of call types. What does this suggest about orca vocal behavior?

Born on a day like today


Luigi Galvani

While experimenting with electricity, Galvani, an Italian physicist and physician, noticed that a frog's leg contracted when it was touched with charged metal, an observation that led him to conclude, incorrectly, that animal tissue generates electricity. His research focused attention on electricity in animals, stimulating the study of electrotherapy and electric currents. Today, many terms in electricity are derived from his name. How did his work influence Mary Shelley's Frankenstein?

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