" In order to move others deeply we must deliberately allow ourselves to be carried away beyond the bounds of our normal sensibility. "
Joseph Conrad

Back in the day


Umberto I of Italy Assassinated

Umberto I, son of Vittorio Emanuele II of the House of Savoy, was the king of Italy from January 9, 1878, until his death. Officially nicknamed "the Good," he was deeply loathed in left-wing circles because of his hard-line conservatism and support of the Bava Beccaris massacre in Milan. He was the only modern king of Italy to be assassinated. How many attempts on his life did he escape before he was killed?




Accidentally discovered in 1934 while scientists were experimenting with sonar, sonoluminescence is the emission of short bursts of light from the implosion of bubbles formed in a liquid medium as sound waves pass through it. Scientists have since theorized that the temperatures inside the bubbles are hot enough to melt steel, thus raising the possibility that the study of sonoluminescence might result in a method for achieving what long sought-after form of energy production?

Born on a day like today


Max Nordau

Nordau was a Hungarian Zionist leader, physician, author, and social critic. He co-founded the World Zionist Organization together with Theodor Herzl and was president or vice president of several Zionist congresses. As a social critic, he wrote a number of controversial books, including The Conventional Lies of Our Civilization, Degeneration, and Paradoxes. Nordau was a fully assimilated and acculturated European Jew when what major event sparked his interest in Zionism?

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