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Back in the day


Women's Rights Convention Opens in Seneca Falls, NY

This two-day event was the first women's rights convention held in the US and is often cited as the birthplace of the feminist movement. At the conference, women issued a call for the US government to grant them equal rights, including the right to vote and to maintain custody of children after divorce. Though the first session was intended to be for women only, men who came were not turned away. What document issued at the convention was modeled after the US Declaration of Independence?



Greek Fire

Produced using a secret formula that remains a mystery to this day, Greek fire was a burning-liquid weapon used by the Byzantine Greeks, Arabs, Chinese, and Mongols. Early on, it took the form of a burning cloth ball fired with a catapult. Later advances produced a flamethrower-like device that discharged a stream of burning fluid which, according to many historical accounts, water could not extinguish. What are some of the ingredients thought to have been used in the production of Greek fire?

Born on a day like today


Lizzie Borden

Lizzie Borden was tried for the brutal axe murders of her father and stepmother in late 19th century New England. Though she was acquitted, the trial stirred pubic interest, and she was widely believed to be guilty. No one else was ever tried, and Borden was ostracized until her death in 1927. The case's notoriety has endured in American pop culture and is still referenced today. What popular poem helped perpetuate the idea that Borden was guilty?

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