" Then took he the wound, smiling,
And died, content.
Stephen Crane

Back in the day


Johnny Carson Hosts The Tonight Show for Last Time

Johnny Carson hosted NBC's The Tonight Show from 1962 to 1992. Carson had a very personable demeanor and wry sense of humor, and during his tenure, the show became America's most popular late-night program. Carson's Tonight Show was initially based in New York City; in May 1972, it relocated to Burbank, California, where it remained for the rest of its run and continues today with its current host, Jay Leno. How many people tuned in to watch Carson's last show?



Prehistoric Music

Music existed long before human cultures were literate or had developed a written system of record-keeping, perhaps originating as an attempt to echo the sounds and rhythms of nature. These sounds may have been used to lure prey while hunting or in recreational or shamanistic rituals. The oldest known bone flute is about 50,000 years old, but experts believe that humans may have used their voices to create a form of music that predates such instruments. How old is the world's oldest known song?

Born on a day like today


Giacomo Matteotti

Matteotti was an Italian Socialist leader, member of parliament, and outstanding opponent of the Fascist regime during its early days. His death at the hands of Fascist hirelings precipitated a parliamentary crisis that Mussolini overcame by disavowing the murder and tightening police control. Mussolini's dictatorship may be said to have begun with the crushing of the opposition through Matteotti's assassination. Recent scholarship suggests what about Mussolini's involvement in the affair?

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