" A compliment is like a kiss through a veil. "
Victor Hugo

Back in the day


Dachau Concentration Camp Liberated by US Troops

Dachau was the first Nazi concentration camp and served as a model for others that followed. Over 200,000 prisoners from more than 30 countries were housed there, and records indicate that at least 35,000 inmates died in the camp, many from a typhus epidemic in 1945. Dachau was liberated by the 42nd Infantry Division of the US Seventh Army. What did the troops find when they entered the camp?




Aviophobia, also called aviatophobia, is the fear of flying or being on an airplane while it is in flight. Because air travel is difficult to avoid, this fear can be crippling both professionally as well as personally. While a significant portion of the population experiences anxiety related to air travel, the fear only becomes aviophobia when it significantly interferes with a person's ability to travel by air. What are some techniques a person with aviophobia can use to conquer this fear?

Born on a day like today


Duke Ellington

Duke Ellington was an American jazz musician and composer. Among his best-known short works are "Mood Indigo," "Solitude," and "Sophisticated Lady." He also wrote jazz works of complex orchestration for concert presentation and composed religious music, including three sacred concerts. Ellington toured Europe extensively, appeared in numerous jazz festivals and several films, and made hundreds of recordings. In 1969, he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. What was his real name?

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