" Everyone is more or less mad on one point. "
Rudyard Kipling

Back in the day


The Notre-Dame Affair

The Notre-Dame Affair was an anti-Catholic intervention performed by radical members of the Lettrist movement on Easter Sunday, 1950. During a quiet moment in the Easter High Mass, Michel Mourre, disguised as a Dominican monk, climbed to the rostrum and declaimed a blasphemous anti-sermon on the death of God. The proclamation was heard not only by the thousands of faithful present at the mass but also by hundreds of thousands of TV viewers. Who saved Mourre from the angry Christian mob?



Weightless Wonders

"Vomit Comet" is a nickname for any airplane that briefly provides passengers with a nearly weightless environment by following a parabolic vertical flight path. The aircraft mimics the trajectory of an object in free-fall and therefore does not exert any g-force on its contents. As a result, passengers have zero apparent weight relative to the aircraft. According to the director of the Reduced Gravity Research Program, what percentage of passengers on zero-g flights becomes violently ill?

Born on a day like today


J. William Fulbright

Fulbright, a Rhodes scholar, served in the US Department of Justice, taught law, and was president of the University of Arkansas before becoming a member of the US Senate. His Fulbright Act provides grants for thousands of Americans to study abroad and for overseas students to study in the US. It was passed into law in 1946 and earned him international recognition. Fulbright's Senate career was marked by his opposition to the Vietnam War and what other notable cases of dissent?

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