" I just sit at a typewriter and curse a bit. "
P. G. Wodehouse

Back in the day


Internal Combustion Engine Patented by Morey

In an internal combustion engine, fuel combustion takes place in a confined space. As the gases expand during combustion, increasing pressure within the chamber is converted to mechanical power. In 1826, American inventor Samuel Morey received a patent for his internal combustion engine design. The development of the internal combustion engine paved the way for the invention of the modern, gas-powered automobile in the 1890s. What is the difference between a motor and an engine?



Project MOOSE

MOOSE, originally an acronym for Man Out Of Space Easiest and later changed to the more professional-sounding Manned Orbital Operations Safety Equipment, was a proposed emergency bail-out system capable of bringing a single astronaut safely back to Earth from orbit. The system required the astronaut to exit his spacecraft in a specially-designed suit, climb into a plastic bag filled with insulating foam, and reenter the atmosphere protected by a thin heat shield. Has anyone ever used the system?

Born on a day like today


William Manchester

Manchester, an American historian, biographer, and best-selling author, wrote 18 books during his lifetime. His writings have since been translated into 20 languages. He served as a US Marine during World War II, and his wartime experiences formed the basis for Goodbye, Darkness: A Memoir of the Pacific War. Why did Jacqueline Kennedy file a lawsuit to prevent the publication of Manchester's The Death of a President?

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