" Don't order any black things. Rejoice in his memory; and be radiant: leave grief to the children. Wear violet and purple...Be patient with the poor people who will snivel: they don't know; and they think they will live for ever, which makes death a division instead of a bond. "
George Bernard Shaw

Back in the day


Ethel and Julius Rosenberg Convicted of Espionage

In 1951, the Rosenbergs were prosecuted for conspiracy to transmit classified military information to the Soviet Union. During their trial, the government charged that they had persuaded Ethel's brother, an employee at the Los Alamos atomic bomb project, to provide them with top-secret data on nuclear weapons. They were convicted and executed via the electric chair, becoming the first US civilians to suffer the death penalty in an espionage trial. What happened to their orphaned children?



The Global Conveyor Belt

Thermohaline circulation refers to the deepwater circulation of the oceans and is primarily caused by differences in density between the waters of different regions. It is mainly a convection process in which cold, dense water formed in the polar regions sinks and flows slowly toward the equator. The circulation of ocean waters is vitally important in dispersing heat energy around the globe. Two factors determine the density of ocean water; one is temperature, what is the other?

Born on a day like today


Sir John McEwen

McEwen was an Australian politician and the country's 18th prime minister. He was elected to the House of Representatives in 1934 and served in several ministerial posts between 1937 and 1941. He was prime minister for 3 weeks following the disappearance and presumed death of Prime Minister Holt in 1967, and he sparked a leadership crisis by announcing that he and his Country Party colleagues would refuse to serve in a government led by William McMahon; what was McEwen's objection to McMahon?

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