" 'Tis no sin to cheat the devil. "
Daniel Defoe

Back in the day


Yahoo! Is Incorporated

In 1994, two Stanford PhD candidates began indexing interesting websites as a hobby. “Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web” launched as Yahoo! in 1995, and it has since grown to become the largest information portal on the Web. Initially, Yahoo! distinguished itself as a “directory” by employing indexing specialists to categorize websites, but the Web has since grown so large that the use of automated spiders has become something of a necessity. What is the origin of the name “Yahoo!”?




Located in the remote, mountainous border region between the Jiangxi and Hunan provinces of China, Jinggangshan is known as the birthplace of the Chinese Red Army and the "cradle of the Chinese revolution." In 1927, after an unsuccessful uprising against the Kuomintang, Mao Zedong's army retreated to Jinggangshan and established a military base there. During the 1960s, the area became a place of pilgrimage for young Red Guards. Why did the government begin discouraging such pilgrimages?

Born on a day like today


Dr. Seuss

Theodor Seuss Geisel, popularly known by his pen name, Dr. Seuss, was a famous American writer and cartoonist. His outlandishly illustrated books captivate readers with their unique blend of whimsy, zany humor, and catchy verse. He is best known for his collection of children's books, which include enduring classics like The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Which popular children's book did Seuss give to trick-or-treaters on Halloween?

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