" Peace rules the day, where reason rules the mind. "
Wilkie Collins

Back in the day


Drudge Breaks Lewinsky Scandal

Matthew Drudge is the proprietor of the popular Drudge Report website that gained notoriety after breaking a series of news reports ahead of the mainstream media. Drudge won fame for his coverage of the Monica Lewinsky affair, a scandal that led to the impeachment of US President Bill Clinton. He was inspired to start his news site after becoming privy to insider gossip at CBS studios while working as its gift-shop manager. Drudge was arrested for what crime when he was just 15 years old?




Rubies are precious gemstones that range in color from light pink to blood red and are second only to the diamond in hardness. They are found chiefly in Myanmar, Thailand, and Sri Lanka and are classified among the most valuable of gems. The rare star ruby, which shows an internal star-shaped formation when cut into a cabochon, is an example of a gemstone whose value is actually increased by an inclusion. Why can rubies be found beneath building foundations in some Asian countries?

Born on a day like today


Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is considered by some to be the greatest heavyweight boxer—and perhaps the greatest athlete—of all time. With his highly unorthodox style of carrying his hands low at his sides, he won the World Heavyweight title a record three times and beat the best fighters of his generation. He stirred up controversy and was stripped of his title after refusing to serve in Vietnam, but he remained a hero to millions for his courage and moral conviction. How many of his 56 wins were knockouts?

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