" Don't order any black things. Rejoice in his memory; and be radiant: leave grief to the children. Wear violet and purple...Be patient with the poor people who will snivel: they don't know; and they think they will live for ever, which makes death a division instead of a bond. "
George Bernard Shaw

Back in the day


Marilyn Monroe Marries Joe DiMaggio

Monroe married baseball star DiMaggio after a two-year courtship that captivated America. The marriage lasted just 274 days, collapsing amid reports of her infidelity and his violence and jealousy, but the two became close again after Monroe divorced Arthur Miller. When Monroe was found dead in August 1962, it was DiMaggio who claimed her body and arranged her funeral. What did DiMaggio have delivered to Monroe's crypt three times a week for twenty years following her death?



The Alhambra

The Alhambra is a palace and fortress complex built during the Middle Ages by the Moorish monarchs of Granada. It is the finest example of the once flourishing Moorish civilization's architecture. Its halls and chambers surround a series of open courts, and the interior is adorned with magnificent examples of honeycomb and stalactite vaulting. Detailed geometric designs in marble, alabaster, and carved plaster also decorate the interior. Which French emperor attempted to raze the entire complex?

Born on a day like today


Albert Schweitzer

Albert Schweitzer was a German-born theologian, philosopher, musician, and physician who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1952 for his "reverence for life" philosophy of ethics. The principle stated that Western civilization had strayed too far from the concept of respect for life that had fueled the social and ethical triumphs of the Age of Enlightenment. An organist to boot, Schweitzer interpreted the music of what important composer?

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