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Back in the day


King Henry VIII Marries Fourth Wife

Henry VIII, a monarch famed for having married six times, wed his fourth wife, Anne of Cleves, in 1540. He found her entirely unattractive, privately describing her as a "Flanders Mare," and soon decided to annul the marriage. Anne wisely cooperated, testifying that their union had never been consummated. Just four years earlier, Henry had his second wife, Anne Boleyn, executed after she failed to produce a male heir. How was Henry's fifth wife, Catherine Howard, related to Anne Boleyn?



Hotham the Hatter

Sir Richard Hotham was an 18th century politician and property developer who rose to a position of prominence from his humble beginnings as a hatter. During the 1760s, Hotham gained control of a number of ships belonging to the British East India Company and used the money from this venture to enter into property development. A short time later, he began his political career, eventually becoming a Member of Parliament. What led him to develop the village of Bognor into a seaside resort?

Born on a day like today


Roger Keith “Syd” Barrett

Barrett, an English singer, songwriter, guitarist, and artist, is best remembered for his role as one of the founding members of Pink Floyd. He joined the band in 1965, and it soon became the most popular group in the "London Underground" psychedelic music scene. As the group's popularity grew, the mentally unstable Barrett began behaving increasingly erratically, and the band elected to replace him. After a short-lived solo career, Barrett retreated from public life and returned to doing what?

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