" In the survival of favoured individuals and races, during the constantly-recurring struggle for existence, we see a powerful and ever-acting form of selection. "
Charles Darwin

Back in the day


Wounded Knee Massacre

The Wounded Knee Massacre was the last major armed conflict between the Lakota Sioux and the US. After the death of Sitting Bull, a band of Sioux, led by Big Foot, fled south, but was captured by the 7th Cavalry on December 28, 1890. On December 29, the Sioux were ordered disarmed. During the tension that ensued, a weapon discharged, US troops opened fire, and within minutes almost 200 men, women, and children were dead. Wounded Knee was responsible for the decline of what movement?



Atari's Pac-Man Disappoints

In 1982, Atari published the first port version of Namco's popular Pac-Man arcade game for their Atari 2600 console. Though the world's favorite arcade game could now be played on the most popular console, the release met with criticism and slow sales. In Atari's rush to bring the game to market, quality was sacrificed, shaking consumer confidence in both the company and video game industry. Why did Atari produce more copies of the game than there were users with compatible consoles?

Born on a day like today


Charles Goodyear

Goodyear was the inventor of vulcanization, a process that makes rubber harder, less soluble, and more durable. It is at the heart of rubber compounding, which played a key role at the onset of the Industrial Revolution. Goodyear obtained a patent for vulcanization in 1844, but died deep in debt in 1860. He had no official connection to the famous Goodyear Tire Company, which was founded after his death and named in his honor. He describes the circumstances attending his discovery in what book?

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