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Back in the day


Max Planck's Quantum Theory is Born

Considered the inventor of quantum theory, Max Planck shocked the science world by showing that atoms emit or absorb energy in bundles, or quanta, not in a continuous stream as taught by Newtonian physics. This insight, along with subsequent developments by Einstein, Bohr, and others, established the revolutionary quantum theory of modern physics and earned Planck the 1918 Nobel Prize in Physics. In 1945, Planck's son was executed following a failed attempt to assassinate what political figure?



Shire Horses

This breed of draft horse native to central England is known for the long, white, silky hair that it features on the lower parts of its legs. Widely used as a war horse during the Middle Ages, the Shire was originally the staple breed used to draw ale delivery carts. It is the tallest of the modern draft breeds: a stallion may stand 18 or more hands high and weigh over a ton. How much did the world's biggest horse, a Shire horse named Sampson, weigh?

Born on a day like today



Nostradamus was a French astrologer and physician reputed to have effected remarkable cures during outbreaks of the Black Plague. His book of prophecies, Les Propheties, consists of vaguely phrased, rhymed quatrains (4-line poems) grouped into sets of 100, called "Centuries." Enthusiasts credit Nostradamus with foreseeing the rise of Hitler, the French Revolution, the Atomic Bomb, and the destruction of the World Trade Center. What do skeptics mean by "retroactive clairvoyance"?

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