" I don't think necessity is the mother of invention -- invention, in my opinion, arises directly from idleness, possibly also from laziness. To save oneself trouble. "
Agatha Christie

Back in the day


13th Amendment to US Constitution is Ratified

The 13th Amendment to the US Constitution completed the process of abolishing slavery, which had begun with Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation of 1863. By December 6, 1865, 27 of the 36 existing states had ratified the 13th Amendment, starting with the state of Illinois. It was not until 1995, however, that the last of the 36, Mississippi, ratified it. Offenses against the 13th Amendment were being prosecuted as late as what year?



KÀ and the Circus of the Sun

When two former street performers founded Cirque du Soleil in 1984, they began a movement that would revolutionize the concept of the modern circus. KÀ, Cirque's fourth resident show in Las Vegas, premiered in 2004 at the MGM Grand. The unique, Vegas style production is a multimedia, acrobatic, orchestral undertaking about conflict, love, and self discovery. KÀ lacks a traditional stage and is instead performed on floating platforms that rotate and move. What is the KÀ encountered in this show?

Born on a day like today


Kamal Jumblatt

Jumblatt was a Lebanese philosopher, politician, and the traditional leader of the Druze community. He earned multiple degrees at the Sorbonne, wrote prolifically in both Arabic and French, and held ranking positions in government for more than 30 years. In 1949, Jumblatt founded the Druze-backed Progressive Socialist Party. When the Lebanese Civil War began, he was the main opposition leader, and his forces soon controlled nearly 70% of the country. Who was suspected in his 1977 assassination?

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