" Modesty is the conscience of the body. "
Honore de Balzac

Back in the day


Carter Breaches Entrance to Tutankhamun's Tomb

When Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon entered the tomb of the Egyptian King Tutankhamun, they were the first people to do so in 3,000 years. The tomb was then the best preserved and most intact pharaonic tomb ever found in the Valley of the Kings. In order to remove King Tut's jewelry and amulets, Carter's team dissected the mummy, severing the ancient king's arms, legs, and head in the process. Later, the deaths of several of Carter's team members invited speculation about what ancient curse?



Errol Flynn

Flynn, an Australian-born US film actor, won much acclaim playing swashbuckling heroes in such films as Captain Blood (1935) and Robin Hood (1938). As a youngster, Flynn was expelled from school twice, and his troublemaking attitude did not change when he reached adulthood. He was known not only for his acting, but for his drinking, womanizing, and wild parties. Numerous legends surround the circumstances of Flynn's death. What were his last words?

Born on a day like today


Norbert Wiener

Wiener was an American mathematician and educator who made significant contributions to a number of areas of mathematics, including harmonic analysis and Fourier transforms, but he is best known for his theory of cybernetics, the comparative study of control and communication in humans and machines. While serving as a professor of mathematics at MIT, Wiener developed a reputation for being extraordinarily absent-minded. What are some of the stories about him that support this characterization?

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