" Man's real life is happy, chiefly because he is ever expecting that it soon will be so. "
Edgar Allan Poe

Back in the day


First episode of Doctor Who Debuts on BBC

This long-running science fiction program about a mysterious time-traveling adventurer known only as "the Doctor" has become a significant part of British popular culture. Despite its featuring of low-budget special effects, it was widely recognized for creative storytelling and use of innovative music. After twenty-six seasons and a TV movie, Doctor Who recently reappeared as a new series. What machine does the Doctor use to travel through time and space?



La Tomatina

Approximately 30,000 people participate in La Tomatina, an annual festival held on the last Wednesday in August in the Spanish town of Buñol. A weeklong festival features music, parades, dancing, and fireworks, but it is the tomato fight that draws the crowds. During the battle, more than 100 metric tons of overripe tomatoes are thrown in the streets. Participants must follow certain safety guidelines during the event, and wearing goggles is recommended. When does the tomato throwing begin?

Born on a day like today


Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid, whose real name was Henry McCarty, was an infamous outlaw and murderer who roamed the American West from his teenage years until his death at the age of 21. The young fugitive successfully escaped from prison several times before being killed by his friend Pat Garrett, a local sheriff. Although rooted in history, the story of Billy the Kid has developed into a popular legend. What role did he play in the eruption of the Lincoln County Cattle War?

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