" We have not the reverent feeling for the rainbow that a savage has, because we know how it is made. We have lost as much as we gained by prying into that matter. "
Mark Twain

Back in the day


Verrazano-Narrows Bridge Opens

The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge connects the boroughs of Staten Island and Brooklyn in New York City (NYC). From the time of its completion until 1981, it was the largest suspension bridge in the world, with a center span of 4260 ft (1298 m). The bridge furnishes a critical link in the local and regional highway system, and it is widely known today as the starting point for the NYC Marathon. The bridge was the last great public works project overseen by what famous "master builder"?



Davy Jones's Locker

Davy Jones's Locker is a euphemism for death at sea and refers to the bottom of the ocean, where drowned sailors lie. Many theories exist as to where the name “Davy Jones” stems from, but while its origins are unclear, its meaning is not; sailors use the term when referring to the devil of the sea. Jones was described by one 18th century author as having 3 rows of teeth, horns, a tail, and blue smoke coming from his nostrils. How was he portrayed in the 2006 film Pirates of the Caribbean?

Born on a day like today


Samuel Cunard

Cunard, a Canadian-born British magnate, was a giant of Atlantic shipping. When the British government invited bids (1838) for carrying mail between England and Boston, Cunard's carefully considered plans won him the contract, and he, in association with others, placed four ships in operation, establishing the first regular steamship service between the continents. This was the beginning of the noted Cunard Line. What did Queen Victoria award Samuel Cunard in 1859?

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