" You send a boy to school in order to make friends--the right sort. "
Virginia Woolf

Back in the day


Abraham Lincoln Delivers Gettysburg Address

The Gettysburg Address, one of the most quoted speeches in US history, was delivered by President Lincoln at the dedication of the Soldiers' National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, four and half months after the famous battle fought there. Lincoln's three-minute address redefined the American Civil War as not merely a struggle for the Union, but also as "a new birth of freedom" for the US and its people. Which one of the 5 known manuscript copies has been called "the most inexplicable"?



The Mysterious Boulders of Moeraki

The unusually large, spherical Moeraki Boulders that dot a stretch of Koekohe Beach in New Zealand have been the subject of attention since prehistoric times. They range in size from .5 to 2.2 m (1.5 to 6.7 ft) in diameter and are composed of mud, fine-silt, and clay, and are cemented by calcite. Centuries of coastal erosion have exhumed these septarian concretions from the mudstone enclosing them. How many millions of years did it take for the larger Moeraki Boulders to form?

Born on a day like today


Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi was Prime Minister of India from 1966 to1977 and from 1980 to 1984. She instituted a number of socialist economic reforms and fought a successful war against Pakistan, but she was later embroiled in political controversy and a fierce Hindu-Sikh ethnic conflict, which led to her assassination in 1984. Her son, Rajiv Gandhi, succeeded her as prime minister, but was himself assassinated by Tamil militants. Who was Indira Gandhi's father?

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