" I do not wish them to have power over men; but over themselves. "
Mary Shelley

Back in the day


Construction of Canadian Pacific Railway Completed

The Canadian Pacific Railway was originally built between eastern Canada and British Columbia. The completion of this railroad fulfilled a promise made to British Columbia when it joined the Confederation in 1871. The railway's transcontinental passenger service was instrumental in the settlement and development of Western Canada. Today it also includes US hubs, such as New York, but its primary passenger service was dropped in 1978. Why was the image of a beaver chosen for the railway's logo?



The Rocket-Propelled Grenade

The term rocket-propelled grenade is actually a misnomer stemming from the Russian acronym for a handheld anti-tank grenade-launcher. The RPG, developed by the Soviets during WWII, is a low-cost, low-tech, direct fire, portable weapon used primarily against unarmored or medium-armored vehicles and personnel. Though it is largely ineffective against heavily armored vehicles and has a low level of accuracy, the RPG has become a favored weapon in what modern conflicts?

Born on a day like today


Leon Trotsky

Trotsky was a Marxist intellectual whose ideas form the basis of Trotskyism, a Communist ideology based on the theory of worldwide revolution. He was a crucial figure in the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and organized the Red Army in the civil war that followed. Following a power struggle with Joseph Stalin in the 1920s, Trotsky was exiled from the USSR. In 1940, he was assassinated in Mexico by an alleged Soviet agent with ties to Stalin. From whom did he borrow the name "Trotsky"?

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