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Oscar Wilde

Back in the day


Spiegel Scandal Erupts in West Germany

The Spiegel scandal was a major political controversy in West Germany at the height of the Cold War. It began when the popular German publication, Der Spiegel, printed a cover story stating that West Germany's defense against a Soviet invasion was inadequate. The magazine was accused of treason, its editors were arrested, its offices were seized and searched, and thousands of documents were confiscated. What important constitutional ruling did the scandal ultimately lead to?



Crossword Puzzles

Arthur Wynne is generally credited with the 1913 invention of the modern crossword puzzle, which gained widespread popularity following the publication of Simon and Schuster's crossword book in 1924. Players solve these puzzles by inserting words corresponding to numbered clues into a grid of horizontal and vertical squares. When all of the intersecting answers have been filled in, the puzzle is complete. How do the designs of North American, British, and Japanese puzzles traditionally differ?

Born on a day like today


Juan Perón

Perón was President of Argentina from 1946 to 1955 and from 1973 to 1974. His populist appeal to the poor was enhanced by the charisma and work of his second wife, Evita. After her death in 1952, his popularity waned and, with increasing economic difficulties and labor unrest, he was deposed in a military coup in 1955. Perón fled to Paraguay and Spain but returned from exile to the presidency in 1973, only to die in office the following year. What was stolen from his tomb in 1987?

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