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Back in the day


Sweden Adopts New Act of Succession

The Act of Succession is the part of the Swedish Constitution that regulates the rights of members of the House of Bernadotte to ascend to the Swedish throne. It was adopted in 1810 and is still enforced today. Among other things, the act specifies that the monarch and the royal family shall belong to the Church of Sweden and be raised within the realm. In 1980, what change was made to the rule of succession?



The Ming Dynasty

The Ming dynasty ruled over China from 1368-1644. The 1st Ming emperor, Chu Yüan-chang, had been a Buddhist monk before joining a rebellion, gaining control of it, and overthrowing the Mongol Yüan dynasty. Chu Yüan-chang effectively unified China, setting up a strong centralized government and instituting economic recovery programs. Despite these political modifications, the dynasty never set up a viable tax policy and always struggled financially. What was the purpose of the Jinyi Wei?

Born on a day like today


Olivia Newton-John

This British-born Australian singer and actress achieved international fame when her song "If Not for You," written by Bob Dylan, was released in 1971. In 1974, she represented the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest and had a #1 hit single with "I Honestly Love You." In 1975, she moved to the US and broke into film, co-starring with John Travolta in Grease. The movie was the biggest box office hit of 1978 and remains a favorite. Who was Newton-John's Nobel Prize-winning grandfather?

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