" A client is to me a mere unit, a factor in a problem. "
Arthur Conan Doyle

Back in the day


"I Have a Dream," Says Martin Luther King, Jr

King was a leading figure in the American Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and 60s. His "I Have a Dream" speech was delivered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial as part of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Considered one of the finest speeches in the history of American oratory, it powerfully and eloquently expresses King's desire for a future in which blacks and whites can live harmoniously as equals. What political, cultural, and religious allusions can be found in the speech?



The Silk Road

According to legend, the secrets of sericulture and reeling from the cocoon were developed in China by 2640 BCE. By the 1st and 2nd centuries CE, silk fabrics were being imported to Rome and Greece and sold for exorbitant prices. Trade in silk became so prevalent that the ancient trade routes between China and the Mediterranean, spanning about 4,000 miles, have been dubbed the Silk Road. How did Mongols use silk as armor in battle?

Born on a day like today


Leo Tolstoy

Tolstoy was a Russian novelist and philosopher. Considered one of the world's greatest writers, he is perhaps most famous for his masterpieces, War and Peace, a vast prose epic of the Napoleonic invasion of 1812, and Anna Karenina, about the tragedy of a woman's faith in romantic love. Tolstoy was an anarchist and disapproved of all organizations based on the premise of force, including the government and the Church. How many characters are there in War and Peace?

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