" Assuredly we bring not innocence into the world, we bring impurity much rather: that which purifies us is trial, and trial is by what is contrary. "
John Milton

Back in the day


Medal of Honor Authorized by US Congress

The Medal of Honor is the highest military decoration awarded by the US. It is presented by the president for “gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while engaged in an action against an enemy." Members of all branches of the US military are eligible to receive the medal, though each branch has its own special design. The medal, first awarded during the Civil War, was designed by the Philadelphia mint. How many times has the medal been granted?



Ethel Merman

Merman was a Tony Award winning star of film and stage. Her precise enunciation, wide vocal range, and accurate pitch garnered her much acclaim. She began singing while working as a secretary and eventually became a full time vaudeville performer. Her powerful alto voice afforded her great advantages at a time when stage singers performed without microphones. She made her theater debut in Girl Crazy (1930). According to Broadway lore, what did George Gershwin advise her never to do?

Born on a day like today


George Eastman

In the late 1800s, George Eastman invented roll film and founded the Eastman Kodak Company, offering affordable cameras marketed under the motto "you press the button and we do the rest." His invention made motion pictures possible and allowed early pioneers such as Edison and the Lumière Brothers to develop filmmaking. What institutions were the principal recipients of Eastman's $100 million philanthropic donations?

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