" Every woman knows all about everything. "
Rudyard Kipling

Back in the day


Battle of Gettysburg Begins

The Battle of Gettysburg, which took place during the American Civil War in and around the town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, was the largest battle ever fought in North America. The battle, which signaled a turning tide in favor of the Union, was the bloodiest battle of the war. The site is now a national cemetery; at its dedication on November 19, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address. How many casualties did the two armies suffer at the Battle of Gettysburg?



Alan Jay Lerner

Lerner, an American lyricist and librettist, began his musical theater career with collegiate contributions to the annual Harvard Hasty Pudding musicals. After two years as a radio scriptwriter, he was introduced to composer Frederick Loewe. Their collaboration resulted in the 1947 musical hit Brigadoon. Their crowning achievement, however, was My Fair Lady (1956), whose film version won eight Oscars. My Fair Lady is adapted from which novel?

Born on a day like today


Diana, Princess of Wales

From the time she became engaged to Prince Charles in 1981 until her death in a car accident in 1997, Diana was arguably the most famous woman in the world. Active in many charities and causes, she campaigned against the use of landmines and called attention to the plight of AIDS victims at a time when the disease was largely misunderstood. Her outspokenness endeared her to many and stood in contrast to the traditional image of the royal family. Where did Diana work before she married Charles?

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