" Experience teaches that men are often so much governed by what they are accustomed to see and practice, that the simplest and most obvious improvements, in the most ordinary occupations, are adopted with hesitation, reluctance, and by slow gradations. Men would resist changes, so long as even a bare support could be ensured by an adherence to ancient courses, and perhaps even longer. "
Alexander Hamilton

Back in the day


Gone with the Wind Published

Gone with the Wind is an American novel by Margaret Mitchell that won the Pulitzer Prize in 1937. It relates the story of a rebellious Georgia woman, named Scarlett O'Hara, and her travails with friends, family, and lovers in the midst of the antebellum South during the Civil War and Reconstruction periods. Many regard the book as having a strong ideological commitment to the cause of the Confederacy. How does the novel differ from its Academy-award-winning film adaptation?




The Young Men's Christian Organization (YMCA) was founded in London in 1844 and has as its objective the development of values and behaviors that are consistent with Christian principles; membership is not limited to Christians, however, and women and girls have been accepted as members since World War II. In North America, the YMCA is usually perceived to be primarily a community sports facility, but in practice it utilizes a broad range of other programs, such as what?

Born on a day like today


Paul François Jean Nicolas, Vicomte de Barras

Although of a noble family, Barras joined the Jacobins in the French Revolution and was a member of the Convention. He participated in reprisals against counterrevolutionaries in Toulon after the recapture of the city from the British, and having turned against the revolutionary dictator Robespierre, Barras was a leader of the coup against him. In 1795, he suppressed a royalist uprising by turning the troops over to a young officer in whose marriage he later played a role; who was this officer?

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