" I say that good painters imitated nature; but that bad ones vomited it. "
Miguel de Cervantes

Back in the day


Queen Victoria Ascends British Throne

Queen Victoria ruled for more than 63 years, longer than any other British monarch. Her reign coincided with the height of the industrial revolution and was marked by significant social, economic, and technological changes in the UK. The Irish Potato Famine adversely affected Victoria's popularity, despite the fact that she donated 5,000 pounds to the starving Irish people; why was this the case?



Knight Bachelor

A Knight Bachelor is a man who has been knighted by the monarch but not as a member of one of the organized Orders of Chivalry, making him an English knight of the lowest rank. Like other knights, Knights Bachelor are styled "Sir." The honor is generally awarded for public service, and amongst its recipients are all the male judges of the High Court of England and Wales. In 1962, The Imperial Society of Knights Bachelor established its own chapel; where is it currently located?

Born on a day like today


Jean Moulin

Jean Moulin was a high-profile member of the French resistance during World War II. At Charles de Gaulle's bidding, he formed the National Council of the Resistance (CNR) which coordinated the actions of the different groups that made up the Resistance. He was captured by the SS on June 21, 1943, was tortured by Klaus Barbie, and died soon after. He is remembered as a symbol of civic virtues, moral rectitude, and patriotism. Moulin is often depicted wearing a scarf around his neck. Why?

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