" A faith is a necessity to a man. Woe to him who believes in nothing. "
Victor Hugo

Back in the day


First Baseball Game Played with Modern Rules

The foundations of modern baseball were laid with the 1845 formulation of the "Knickerbocker Rules," which formalized the game. According to these rules, a runner could not be sent out of play by getting hit with a thrown ball; instead, the new rules required fielders to tag or force the runner, as is done today. It is widely thought that the first competitive game under the new rules was played by the Knickerbockers at Elysian Fields in Hoboken, NJ. Who designed the first baseball diamond?



Anthony Bourdain

Bourdain is an American author, executive chef of Brasserie Les Halles in NYC, and host of the Travel Channel's culinary and cultural adventure program No Reservations. He is known for being edgy and provocative; his many epicurean exploits have included instances of him eating ant eggs in Mexico, a raw seal eyeball in the Arctic, and a live cobra in Vietnam. He initially gained popularity with his bestselling book about the darker side of the restaurant industry. What is the book called?

Born on a day like today


Jose Rizal

Rizal was a Philippine nationalist, author, poet, and physician. His novels, Noli me tangere and El Filibusterismo, railed against Spanish administration and the religious orders in the Philippines. He was arrested on his way to Cuba in 1896, given a farcical trial, and executed as an instigator of insurrection and a founder of secret revolutionary societies. His martyrdom incited a rebellion against Spanish rule. Rizal studied medicine in Madrid under what unusual circumstances?

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