" Train up a fig tree in the way it should go, and when you are old sit under the shade of it. "
Charles Dickens

Back in the day


King Hussein of Jordan Marries Lisa Halaby

Lisa Halaby is the fourth wife and widow of the late King Hussein of Jordan. She was raised and educated in the US, graduating from Princeton University in 1974. An architect-planner by training, she met King Hussein while working in Jordan on the development of the Amman Intercontinental Airport. They married on June 15, 1978. Halaby converted to Islam and, before the marriage took place, changed her first name from Elizabeth to Noor, an Arabic word meaning what?



Witch Hazel

Witch hazel refers to a family of trees and shrubs found in Japan, China, and North America. They are deciduous shrubs that usually grow 10-26 ft (3-8 m) tall but can reach 40 ft (12 m). The fruit of the witch hazel is a two-parted capsule, 1 cm long, that bursts in Autumn and shoots seeds up to 33 ft (10 m) away. The plant's hard wood is used in cabinet making, and an astringent is extracted from its bark and leaves. The plant's branches have been used in what form of divination?

Born on a day like today


John Fenn

Fenn was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2002 for his work in the field of mass spectrometry. His discovery increased the speed at which complex new pharmaceutical compounds could be evaluated, leading to the development of life-saving AIDS medications in the mid-1990s. As part of Yale University's faculty, he reached mandatory retirement age in 1987, and he had to fight age discrimination in order to be able to stay on and begin his Nobel Prize-winning work at what age?

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