" Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost. "
John Quincy Adams

Back in the day


Brooklyn Bridge Opens to Traffic

The Brooklyn Bridge, one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States, stretches over the East River from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Construction on the bridge began in 1869 and lasted 14 years. At the time of its completion, it was the first steel-wire suspension bridge in the world and was the world's longest suspension bridge—fifty percent longer than any previously built. The bridge was opened to traffic on May 24, 1883. On that first day, how many vehicles crossed it?



P. G. Wodehouse

Wodehouse was an English-American comic writer who enjoyed enormous success for over 70 years. His works are set in Edwardian England and feature idiotic youths, feckless debutantes, redoubtable aunts, and stuffy businessmen. His most famous characters were the foppish, minor aristocrat Bertie Wooster and his unflappable valet Jeeves. Although Wodehouse was knighted shortly before his death, why did the character of Bertie cost him entry into the Order of the Companions of Honour in 1967?

Born on a day like today


Bob Dylan

Dylan is a legendary American singer-songwriter. Much of his best-known work is from the 1960s, when he became a documentarian and reluctant figurehead of American unrest. Young people in general and many involved in the civil rights movement found an anthem and rallying cry in his song The Times They Are a-Changin'. Dylan expanded the vocabulary of popular music by incorporating social commentary, philosophy, and literature. In his high school yearbook, what did he list as his ambition?

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