" Politics is perhaps the only profession for which no preparation is thought necessary. "
Robert Louis Stevenson

Back in the day


Ecuador Gains Independence

Prior to the arrival of the Spaniards, Ecuador was controlled by the Inca empire. Francisco Pizarro's subordinate, Benalcazar, entered the area in 1533. Not finding the wealth of the mythical El Dorado, he and other conquistadors moved restlessly on and the region became a colonial backwater. After an abortive independence movement in 1809, the region remained under Spanish control. It was liberated by Antonio Jose de Sucre and was joined to Greater Colombia by what famous revolutionary?




An igloo, which means "house" in the Inuit language, is a traditional, dome-shaped Eskimo dwelling with a low tunnel entrance constructed of blocks of snow placed in an ascending spiral. Although igloos are commonly associated with the Inuit, they were predominantly constructed by people of Canada's Central Arctic and Greenland's Thule area. What is a kulliq, and how did it help strengthen the structural integrity of igloos?

Born on a day like today


Ole Worm

Ole Worm was a Danish physician and antiquary who was the personal physician to King Christian V of Denmark. His chief contributions in medicine were in embryology. A collector of early literature in the Scandinavian languages, he wrote a number of treatises on rune stones and collected texts written in the runic alphabet. What are the Wormian bones?

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