" She wanted something to happen - something, anything: she did not know what. "
Kate Chopin

Back in the day


J. Edgar Hoover Appointed Director of FBI

As FBI director from 1924 until his death in 1972, Hoover built a more efficient crime-fighting agency, establishing a centralized fingerprint file, a crime laboratory, and a training school for police. After WWII, he turned to the perceived threat of Communist subversion with a focus that his many critics considered obsessive. It has been verified that he orchestrated systematic harassment of political dissenters and activists, including what celebrated civil-rights leader?




Clogs are shoes or sandals that are made entirely of wood or have wooden soles and leather uppers. They are associated with the Netherlands and Sweden, where they are considered part of the national dress. In England, clogs were traditionally made of alder and were commonly worn by all classes throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. The Lancashire cotton mill workers habitually wore clogs to avoid slipping on the wet floors in the cotton mills. What is "clogging"?

Born on a day like today


David O. Selznick

David Oliver Selznick was an iconic Hollywood producer of the Golden Age. He was employed by several Hollywood studios before founding his own Selznick International Pictures in 1936. He is best known for producing the epic blockbuster Gone with the Wind (1939) which earned him an Oscar for Best Picture. Selznick also won the Irving G. Thalberg award that same year. He made film history the next year, when he won a second consecutive Best Picture Oscar for what film?

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