" I charge thee, fling away ambition: By that sin fell the angels. "
William Shakespeare

Back in the day


"The Red Baron" Shot Down by Allied Fire

Manfred von Richthofen, or the "Red Baron," was the WWI German aviator who commanded the 11th Chasing Squadron, known as Richthofen's Flying Circus, and shot down 80 aircraft. In April 1918, he was shot in the chest while flying over Morlancourt Ridge, France; he managed to land his plane but died soon after. The Red Baron has since become a symbol of dexterity, daring, and victory. Who fired the shot that killed him?




The Jacaranda is a tropical American tree or shrub that has pinnately compound, opposite leaves and panicles of pale purple flowers with funnel-shaped corollas. Several species are widely grown as ornamental plants throughout the subtropical regions of the world and are valued for their intense flower displays. What city in South Africa is popularly known as the Jacaranda City?

Born on a day like today


Anthony Quinn

Quinn was a Mexican-American painter, writer, and Academy-Award winning actor. Quinn boxed in his youth, then studied art and architecture under Frank Lloyd Wright. He later turned to acting and achieved international stardom in the 1950s-60s for his ability to portray ethnically diverse characters, most notably Zorba the Greek. He also fathered 13 children and wrote 2 memoirs, and his paintings have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. He appeared opposite Marlon Brando in what 1952 film?

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